Making the Best:   Assembling the Arc Shoulder Bag

By Liz Silvia on Jul 23, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best


Today in our studio, we’re assembling pockets for the Arc Shoulder Bag. Assembly just might be the most unique production step: it’s the only one that any given piece returns to again and again throughout its production, and each time for a different purpose. Typically, assembly includes anything from sorting pieces of leather by weight to installing hardware, but today, our artisan Nnak is focusing on the Arc’s interior features. 



The Arc’s pockets have already been put together with zipper added, credit card pockets stitched, and logo and registration number debossed. Before the pockets themselves can be stitched into the lining of the bag, though, they have to be correctly positioned so as to look their best and be at their most functional in the end. If the pocket is placed too far in any direction, it could run the risk of being stitched over or otherwise made unusable.



It begins with a guide laid just so over the lining, after which a light adhesive is added to the pocket’s edges. The pocket is set into place, measured for accuracy, and then affixed to the lining in advance of being sent to the sewing machine. It’s our equivalent of pinning fabric into place on a mannequin! With everything securely where it needs to be, our artisans can permanently stitch it all into place with added ease.


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