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By Liz Silvia on Dec 14, 2018   •   Topic: The Weekender

The Weekender cuts through the excess and picks the best things to take with you this weekend, besides your Lotuff bag. Today it's a last-minute holiday gift guide for your favorite adventurer that includes our Dopp kit, and an interview with a Japanese floral artist who does things a little differently.


By Vicky Vitello on Dec 11, 2018
Topic: The Essentials

Every Tuesday a member of our team picks the one thing he or she is obsessing over. This week, artisan Vicky is all aflutter for BATSHEVA’s holographic dress, along with its mini-me version.

Cutting the Angle Tote

By Liz Silvia on Dec 10, 2018
Topic: Making the Best

This week in the Lotuff studio, production is beginning on our holiday run of chocolate Angle Totes.


By Liz Silvia
on Dec 7, 2018
Topic: The Weekender

Dim Sum and Wine Bars in San Francisco, California

By Liz Silvia
on Dec 5, 2018
Topic: Travel Guide

Tim Walker, Story Teller

By Liz Silvia
on Dec 4, 2018
Topic: The Essentials

Packaging and Shipping the Knapsack

By Liz Silvia
on Dec 3, 2018
Topic: Making the Best