Making the Best:   Assembling the Leather Lockbox Bag

By Liz Silvia on Sep 24, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best


Today we’re assembling part of the Leather Lockbox Bag. Assembly is a unique production step in our process, as it’s the only one that any given piece returns to again and again, each time for a totally different purpose. Sometimes it’s laminating pieces together, sometimes it’s adding rivets or other hardware, and sometimes it’s another thing entirely. Right now, our artisan Jessie is installing these bags’ namesake locks. 



The locks we use for the Lockbox are solid-cast brass and need to be attached with a firm yet incredibly precise hand. Seriously, think about it: these locks and their four tiny, delicate rivets are set into place with a hammer. It takes some serious skill to correctly position everything so the lock will look its best without smashing it into oblivion.



It begins by strategically layering tape over the lock’s front for protection. Then the lock is aligned (with the help of guide holes that are punched in during the cutting process), the leather is secured with a clamp, and the rivets are carefully hammered in one at a time. All protective coverings get removed from the lock, proper positioning is confirmed, and lastly, its mechanism is double-checked for functionality.


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