Making the Best:   Attaching the Triumph Briefcase's Handles

By Liz Silvia on Aug 29, 2016   •   Topic: Making the Best

Attaching the Triumph Briefcase's Handles

This week, our run of Triumph Briefcases is having its handles created and attached. A briefcase is a piece that will inevitably carry a decent amount of weight over the years, and so to reflect that, we construct the Triumph’s handles out of nothing but resilient leather- eight layers of it. These layers are then folded in half for even more durability, but that’s not all we do to ensure this bag will last a lifetime. 


Attaching the Triumph Briefcase's Handles

Upon reaching assembly, the layers of the Triumph’s handles are first glued down with Barge Cement, a permanent adhesive. They’re then sanded for uniformity before being sent to the sewing machine. In addition to using the machine, though, our artisans also hand-stitch the handles in four different places. Back at assembly, rivets are added next, making this the third strengthening technique with which these handles are reinforced. 


Attaching the Triumph Briefcase's Handles

By being glued, stitched, and riveted, it’s almost surely guaranteed that the Triumph will be able to stand up to whatever challenges come its way. This also means that on the unlikely chance that something happens — maybe a dog gets ahold of the briefcase and chews a rivet off — the functionality of the handles will be preserved because they’ve been triply reinforced. And, now that all these reinforcements have been made, the Triumph is ready to move on down the road to the finish line in our studio. 


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