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By Vicky Vitello on Feb 13, 2018   •   Topic: The Essentials

Bode New York S/S18 Men's Collection

In celebration of all things LOVE this week, I just have to talk about my new crush—Bode [pronounced BOH-dee]. And when I say crush, I mean, I’ve fallen hard.

Bode’s S/S18 men’s collection showcases Americana folk art, as Emily Bode, who is at the helm of the brand, continues to use mostly vintage fabrics in her patchwork designs, many pieces being one of a kind. Her brand is resonating within the fashion industry as top players continue to commend craft and slow fashion, much in alignment with Lotuff’s very own practices.


Bode, quilting scraps and embroidery

What I am most obsessed with though, are Bode’s designs that feature one of the most popular American quilting patterns, the Hunter’s’s really bringing out my inner quilting nerd.  


Roses are red, Hydrangeas are green, We’re into these pants…If you know what we mean.

Bode New York S/S18 Men's Collection

The visual graphic of this classic quilting pattern paired with the on-trend ochre and navy, while popping on a crisp white background, not only harkens to summer days at antique fairs and cabin camping, but also tips its hat to the fresh colors of spring and nautical-hopes for the summer.

Bode’s utilitarian jackets speak to the clean lines of Japanese workwear fashion, but take this popular and versatile silhouette to an other-worldly level by constructing the garments with the intricate detail that goes into artisanal and antique quilting. I mean—look at these. Did your heart just skip a beat?


Bode New York S/S18 Men's Collection


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