The Essentials:   Cabaud Wines

By Liz Silvia on Aug 9, 2016   •   Topic: The Essentials

Vineyards of Cabaud Wines

Wine critics can be notoriously difficult to impress. That’s why, back in 2011, Philip and Bonnie Cabaud were shocked when their very first Cabernet Sauvignon was rated highly by the one and only Robert Parker. Cabaud Wines of Napa Valley then quickly catapulted to international recognition, a far cry from its modest beginning that sprang from the couple’s basic enthusiasm for oenology. 

They probably never imagined the brand would be what it is today, but with the help of Champagne-born and Bordeaux-educated Luc Morlet, they’ve managed to make a lasting name for themselves. All of this is impressive, but what I think is really incredible is the Cabaud’s collective dedication to retaining the intimate and personal mission they began with. 


Cabaud wines

Even if Cabaud has moved above and beyond any goals that may have been set for it, these vintners still only produce 1,000 cases each year, are committed to using natural methods of production, and keep their focus on family and friends. The Cabauds like the wines they create, and want others to do so as well, so they’ve stayed small and worked with their team to ensure what they’re making is top-notch and special. I recently met the two in person and tried their wines myself- these are some great people who make some equally great wine, and we’re happy to feature them here.

Photos © Cabaud Wines and Napa Wine Project

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