Making the Best:   Cutting the Angle Tote

By Liz Silvia on Dec 10, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best


This week in the Lotuff studio, production is beginning on our holiday run of chocolate Angle Totes. We designed this bag with performance and style in mind, so it’s important to us that it be made perfectly to reflect these traits. It all starts by cutting the leather with our clicker press. 



Totes are easier to cut than some of our other bags due to the simple fact that they’re made up of fewer pieces, but this doesn’t mean it’s a process that we speed through! Every bag deserves the same level of care and precision in its making. Before the leather can even be cut, it must first be inspected for marks and imperfections, which will be avoided while still making use of the rest of the hide. It’s almost like figuring out a puzzle: every die needs to be placed in exactly the right position so as not to create too much scrap. 



As all of the pieces are cut, they’re laid out as if about to be stitched so that correct sizing and grain can be confirmed. But before that can happen, the Angle Tote’s components need to be split to establish consistent thickness and weight. That’s a step for a different day, so read on next week to hear about it.  


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