Making the Best:   Cutting the Leather Day Tote

By Liz Silvia on Sep 11, 2017   •   Topic: Making the Best

Dies for the Lotuff Leather Day Tote

We’ve started cutting our Leather Day Tote today in the studio. A business-oriented take on the classic tote bag, the Day Tote is made to be carried from the office to the airport or gym with ease. It’s a little more elegant than the average carryall, and there are some unique challenges involved here when it comes to making that elegance shine through.  


Cutting the Lotuff Leather Day ToteDies for the Lotuff Leather Day Tote

This is a fairly sizable bag made up of almost 30 pieces, and what that means for our artisans here is that they have to pay close attention to the grain of the leather. A large bag means large pieces, and the grain needs to match up on all of them or else the finished product will look “off”.  Everything has to be cut strategically and carefully while keeping in mind what each given piece will be used for and what parts of it will be visible in the end. 


Cut pieces of the Lotuff Leather Day Tote

To begin the process, a leather hide is laid out and any blemishes are marked off for avoidance. One of our artisans will then outline where each piece will be cut, using the dies as a guide. These dies are laid into place one at a time and “clicked” with a press, resulting in a piece of leather that’s ready to be matched with its companions that are soon to follow. After guaranteeing that the grain of each piece is consistent with the next, these Day Totes will be ready to move on down the line.


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