Making the Best:   Cutting the Leather Knapsack

By Liz Silvia on Oct 29, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best


Our Knapsack is a rugged yet refined bag, functional and spacious with thoughtfully designed features that make it ready to go anywhere from the streets of New York to the trails of the Rockies. We’re wrapping up cutting the pieces for our first round of indigo Knapsacks today, a task that sounds simple but requires great attention to detail. 



After careful inspection of each hide, any blemishes and flaws are marked off to be avoided when cutting. This is done to guarantee that every bag turns out free of imperfections, but it’s also important to us that as little waste as possible is generated in the process. Not only is it more economical, it’s also more respectful to the living animal from which the hide came. Making sure every viable part of that hide goes to use requires a highly discerning eye and is pretty tough to do, but our artisans are well-equipped to handle it all. 



The parts of each Knapsack will then be cut, labeled, and arranged. This will confirm that everything needed to proceed is present and accounted for, as well as that the grain is consistent throughout. This way, nobody ends up with a bag that’s pebbled on one side and smooth on the other! No such discrepancies have arisen here, and consequently, these pieces are off to the splitter to be evened out before buffing and grinding takes place. 


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