Making the Best:   Cutting the Tripp Handbag

By Liz Silvia on Oct 31, 2016   •   Topic: Making the Best

Cutting the Tripp Handbag

This week in the Lotuff studio, a round of Tripps is beginning its production journey. It’s one of our most popular women’s bags but the Tripp is additionally one of our most difficult pieces to make. That might seem strange given that it’s such a small piece, but it comprises 37 pieces and requires almost 200 steps to put them together. 


Cutting the Tripp Handbag

As a consequence, cutting the pieces for the Tripp is a lengthy and detail-oriented process. The bag is fully leather-lined (and largely unadorned on its exterior surface), signifying that the utmost care must be taken to make sure each cut piece is unblemished. The silver lining is that most of our artisans have been making Tripps for quite some time now, and all that training means its production — however demanding — has become almost second nature. 

Getting back to cutting: after the leather hide has been laid out and any blemishes marked off for avoidance, a die is laid into place and “clicked” with a press. The result is a piece of leather that’s ready to be laid out and matched with its companions that are soon to follow, which we do in order to ensure the grain of each bag will be the same throughout. Once these Tripps reach this point, they’ll be ready to move on down the line.


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