The Essentials:   David Sedaris's Theft By Finding

By Liz Silvia on Jul 25, 2017   •   Topic: The Essentials

David Sedaris, Theft By Finding

I've never met him (and I probably never will), but David Sedaris has become something of a close friend of mine. That's the only way I can think to describe someone who, for the past twenty years or so, has shared so many of his deep thoughts, observations, and neuroses with me.

The writer, known for collections such as Me Talk Pretty One Day and Holidays On Ice, is one of those writers who effortlessly reveals the inanities and hypocrisies that inevitably come with being human.

Sedaris has recently published his meticulously kept diaries, which have served as a constant source of inspiration for many of his stories. Each entry serves a little peek into his life, starting from his early twenties and into his late forties. 

It is remarkable to not only see his transformation from an aimless, misunderstood youth into a successful author known the world over but to also understand that the very words he's been logging at the end of each day have allowed him to create the type of life he so desired. 

Funny, sad, poignant, wistful, Theft By Finding is Sedaris's magnum opus a lifetime in the making and a book that's been a constant summer companion.  

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