The Essentials:   Harris Wharf Alpaca Coat

By Liz Silvia on Nov 22, 2016   •   Topic: The Essentials

Harris Wharf Alpaca Coat

Every so often, I come across an item that creates instant infatuation. Sometimes it’s the material, sometimes it’s the design, and sometimes it’s the way it makes me feel when putting it on. It’s a perfect storm when it’s all three and rarely happens.

So I found myself in the midst of that perfect storm when I first saw the Baby Alpaca Coat by London-based Harris Wharf.

With an unlined construction, the coat has a perfect drape to it—casual yet elegant. The baby alpaca material is soft and warm. Both the construction and material give it the look and feel of a luxurious housecoat that can be worn in the world without seeming out of place. In other words, it’s my idea of the perfect garment.

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