Travel Guide:   Magical Croissants and French Linen in Paris, France

By Liz Silvia on Oct 12, 2016   •   Topic: Travel Guide

An autumn afternoon in Paris

Our creative director Lindy recently traveled to Paris, where she represented Lotuff at a Fashion Week trade show and connected with some great people. But of course, there were opportunities for getting out there and exploring the City of Lights, too. Cafés, shopping, and museums comprised much of Lindy’s free time- here are her best recommendations for a few days spent wandering between arrondissements. 


A croissant from Du Pain et Des IdéesDu Pain et Des Idées

Her first tip? Rent a city bike through Vélib’. There are stations all over the city for easy access to a ride, and biking — rather than taking an Uber or the Metro — grants a whole new perspective that’s both immersive and invigorating. So, bike acquired, head to Du Pain et Des Idées for an espresso and some pretty magical croissants before stopping at Merci on the Boulevard Beaumarchais. A concept store that sells everything from clothing to linens and furniture, it’d be easy to spend hours here, but don’t forget to visit Christophe Lemaire and Céline as well. 


The Pompidou at night

Paris wouldn’t be itself without its many museums, and of those, Lindy’s favorites are L’Orangerie and the Centre Pompidou. The two couldn’t be more different: the former, found in the Tuileries Gardens, contains primarily impressionist paintings by Monet and the like, while the latter is a postmodern behemoth full of more contemporary masterpieces. Both are spectacular in their own ways, so be sure to see each one at some point. 


Apéritifs in Paris

Devote some time to trying a few top-notch restaurants and bars; with a city this big and diverse, the options are nearly endless. Lindy highly recommends Le Mary Celeste for oysters and drinks, SOON for Korean BBQ, and Verjus for a quiet, intimate dinner. But the best of all is Le Comptoir du Relais, Yves Camdeborde’s bistro whose dinner tables are usually booked six months in advance (Thursday nights are the exception: wait in line and hope for the best!). For bars, there’s tapas at Le Dauphin and fantastic cocktails at Sherry Butt. 


Ten Belles café in Paris

Round out the trip with a few nights at L’Hotel, with stunning accommodations that speak for themselves, no flashy name necessary. After leaving its lobby for the last time, duck into one of the many green-crossed pharmacies to stock up on the holy grails of French beauty products. And, finally, have one last coffee at the winsomely sunny Ten Belles café for a worthy finale to an excellent Parisian séjour. 

These are some of the bags Lindy brought along for the trade show: from Sling to Tripp, rosewood to natural, any of these would be ideal for an adventure or two in and around Paris. 


Lotuff bags waiting to be shown at WOMAN Paris

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