Making the Best:   Meet the Morris Tote

By Liz Silvia on Jul 1, 2019   •   Topic: Making the Best


If ever there was a perfect everyday tote, we’d like to think it’s the Morris. Assistant designer Nic says this design quickly and naturally came together from the start—one of those lucky bursts of inspiration that results in something beautiful. Light and unwavering in form, this new addition to our collection is fully leather-lined and features our trademark continuous handle. Both of these attributes mean that the Morris will hold its shape even when empty and stand supported all the while. 



Besides all that, this tote has a fun secret detail. Some of you have mentioned that you’d love to be able to carry a bag such as this one in-hand as opposed to just over your shoulder, and with that in mind, we gave the Morris double handles! The external short handles allow the bag to be carried down by your side…and from the interior, 10” handles fold up if needed to give you a different carry option. When not being used, these longer handles neatly swivel back inside until they’re needed once more. According to creative director Lindy, the goal was to create a highly functional tote that could be used in a variety of ways. Having seen and tested the final product ourselves, we’re pretty sure that goal was achieved!


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