Making the Best:   Painting And Polishing The Leather Day Satchel

By Vicky Vitello on Jan 22, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best

Painting the Lotuff Leather Day Satchel in Indigo

Next up in the studio, our handsome Leather Day Satchel is being painted and polished. Painting the edges of this carry-all provides a visual framing that brings definition to its sleek structure and clean lines.

As with our other bags, the raw leather edges are meticulously painted over, causing all the rough fibers to rise up. It’s not unlike raising the grain when staining or painting a piece of wood. After each coat of paint the fibers are gently buffed on a buffing wheel, taking off some of the paint but leaving the pigment behind. As additional coats of paint are added, more fibers arise—less than before—and then are buffed off again. This process usually takes between five to seven “passes” until the edges are totally smooth and the colors are rich and bright.


Painting the Lotuff Leather Day Satchel in Indigo

A “blind test” is performed on every painted edge, from the architectural front flap to the numerous belts and tabs, and by meticulously gliding a brush over the handle edges of this bag, our artisans ensure the smoothest handfeel the industry has to offer. As a bag that is meant to go everywhere with you and be the perfect all-day carry-all, that can only be even more of a good thing.


Painting the Lotuff Leather Day Satchel handles in Indigo

We have two groups of The Day Satchel being handmade in the studio right now, and these indigo beauties are coming so close to completion! Next week we’ll take a look at some of the particulars of the stitching and assembly for this fashion-forward bag.


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