Making the Best:   Painting and Polishing the Leather Knapsack

By Liz Silvia on Nov 12, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best


The latest round of Knapsacks is back out on the studio floor today to be painted, ground, and polished. This process adds longevity to each bag and serves to function as a clear example of our commitment to quality.

Every edge of every piece of the Knapsack will be painted and polished multiple times, which “raises the grain” of the leather. Painting these unfinished edges causes latent fibers to resurface above the paint, and grinding removes them (albeit along with some of the paint). The goal is to reach a point where the paint’s pigment has been buffed right into the leather and no coarse fibers are present, which usually takes at least four and up to seven rounds of repetition. 



This is all just a little arduous, but taking the time to smooth things out— quite literally—adds years to the lifetime of our bags. The peeling and splitting that tend to occur on the edges of some leather goods is a near impossibility thanks to our artisans that take the time to paint and polish everything. Because of their hard work, these Knapsacks will go on to look as amazing in ten years as the day they go out the door and into the world.


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