Making the Best:   Painting the Bucket Shoulder Bag

By Liz Silvia on Apr 16, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best

Painting the Lotuff Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag

Today in the studio, our Bucket Shoulder Bags are having their handles and covers painted before heading back to the assembly station, where things will really begin to take shape. 


Painting the Lotuff Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag

Our artisans’ painting process is just one perfect example of how much care is put into their work. Instead of just adding layer upon layer of paint, which tends to strip away over the years, every edge of each bag is painted, buffed, and then painted again over seven times. With each subsequent round, the leather becomes increasingly smooth and vibrantly hued. In addition to augmenting the beauty of our bags, this method allows for lasting color and durability because the pigment has been worked right into the leather itself. So, say goodbye to any fears of peeling edges! Thanks to the efforts of our team, that won’t ever happen. 


Painting the Lotuff Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag

Once every strap and cover seems to be finished, we’ll confirm this by running a finger over their painted sides in a “blind test” to be sure there are no uneven spots or rough fibers. Then they’ll all be passed along to the next artisan and bring our Bucket Shoulder Bags that much closer to completion, just in time for late spring. (If the warm weather ever comes along, that is! We’re looking at you, New England.)


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