Making the Best:   Splitting the Leather Knapsack

By Liz Silvia on Nov 5, 2018   •   Topic: Making the Best


One of the most superfluous-at-first-glance yet totally crucial steps in the making of any Lotuff bag is splitting. Out in the studio, our versatile new Knapsack is in the middle of this process.



Splitting an uncorrected leather hide essentially means slicing it lengthwise to completely even out its thickness. This can often come down to a difference of a tenth of an inch, which might beg the question: why spend time on this step at all? Well, the proof is in the finished product. 



Even though the Knapsack itself is unlined, the split pieces of its many details—pockets, straps, and handles—will be paired with another of now-equivalent thickness and then laminated to generate a thin yet  balanced piece. This means that these parts of a bag often subject to wear-and-tear become durable and structured instead. 

But this doesn’t mean splitting is irrelevant for the rest of the Knapsack! If the unlined front and back pieces were to differ in thickness, the bag would fall in on itself…and nobody wants that, right? Evening it all out means there’s no need to worry about collapse. Only sturdy bags around here. 


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