Making the Best:   Splitting the Mini Luna handbag

By Liz Silvia on Sep 19, 2016   •   Topic: Making the Best

Split Mini Luna covers

This run of our Mini Lunas has already been cut with the clicker press, and this week they’re being split. The Mini Luna is a bag that’s very similar in size and style to the Tripp; that is to say, it’s small but highly detailed, and requires quite a lot of precise work both in this stage and all that follow. As our creative director Lindy notes, however, it also has a very balanced and sculptural silhouette that’s unique in its design. 


Splitting the Mini Luna in the Lotuff studio

For that harmonious balance to be realized, every piece of the Mini Luna has to be split in just the right way and to the perfect thickness. This bag is all about equilibrium, and so it needs to feel lightweight yet sturdy at the same time. Our artisans are therefore careful to be as precise as possible as they run the pieces of the Mini Luna through the splitter- even a difference of one-tenth of an inch between pieces could throw off the overall balance.  

The Mini Luna is fully leather-lined, so once each part of it has been perfectly split, the pieces will be matched in pairs and then laminated together. On top of enhancing its symmetry on an aesthetic level, this act serves to preserve the bag’s eventual structure. But, before that can happen, the Mini Luna has to be stitched, assembled, buffed, and more, so read on next week to see what more we’ve been doing with these great little bags.


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