Making the Best:   Splitting the Tripp Handbag

By Liz Silvia on Nov 7, 2016   •   Topic: Making the Best

After all the pieces of a Tripp handbag have been cut and laid out, the next step for them is splitting. A piece with an innate sense of equilibrium, the Tripp is endearingly small, but boldly stands on its own. This fact is largely thanks to this step of production, which shears each of the bag’s 37 pieces lengthwise down to a specific thickness.

Even one-tenth of an inch’s variation can mean the difference between a perfectly balanced bag and one that tends to fall to one side or feel less uniform in places. Therefore, splitting our leather preemptively avoids potential issues such as these while lending it a wonderful plywood-like quality: through laminating split pieces of equal thickness together, they become stronger, but feel lighter. 

A great deal of consistency is required when doing this, the process is time-consuming, and the result is really almost invisible in the final product- but the Tripp would never have the look and feel it does if we were to skip this step. Quality is everything, and so we’re more than happy to do anything that allows us to achieve it.


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