Making the Best:   Splitting the Triumph Briefcase

By Liz Silvia on Jul 25, 2016   •   Topic: Making the Best

Today in the Lotuff studio, a batch of our Triumph Briefcases are progressing through their second stage of assembly: splitting. This bag is one of our more challenging and time-consuming pieces to produce, and that fact is made particularly manifest as we carefully run every single one of the Triumph’s 61 pieces through the splitter.


Causing this stage to be additionally worthy of the utmost attention on the part of our artisans is the size of these individual pieces. Most are considerably larger than those that comprise other bags, so splitting each one requires a great deal of care. Essentially, it must be ensured that there are no discrepancies in thickness- not just with regards to the individual piece, but to that of its “match” that will be laminated together with it. 


The sheer number of leather components, time, and work that go into the making of this briefcase, though, also contribute to its standing as one of our most beautiful and popular pieces. Why? This briefcase has structure, lightness, and balance all at once. Cutting, splitting, and eventually matching and laminating together each of the 61 pieces lends a plywood-like quality to the finished product, allowing it to feel slender and lightweight yet stand on its own even when totally empty. Check back next week, then, to see the Triumph move one step closer to that hard-won finale.


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