Making the Best:   Stitching the Leather Day Tote

By Liz Silvia on Sep 18, 2017   •   Topic: Making the Best

Stitching the Lotuff Leather Day Tote

This week in the studio, our artisans have begun stitching the Day Tote, our elegant and refined take on a time-honored classic. With almost 30 pieces that must be passed under the sewing machine and attached to each other—most of them on the larger side—this is an undertaking that requires careful attention and skillful handiwork.


Stitching the Lotuff Leather Day Tote

We’re mainly focusing on the bag’s exterior covers today. While not every single piece technically needs to be stitched, doing so makes each bag far less susceptible to wear-and-tear than if some were to be glued, and we’re not in the business of cutting corners. Our hope is that these Day Totes (and all our other designs) will look incredible for years and be passed down through generations, so going above and beyond to make sure that happens is second nature for our team.


Stitching the Lotuff Leather Day Tote

After we’re finished with the Day Tote covers, their knots will be hand-tied and they’ll move over to the turning and burning station, where those knots will be finished and sealed right into the leather. The remaining pieces of each bag will then be assembled and stitched, with more turning and burning to follow. Read on next week to see what stage they’ve reached!


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