Making the Best:   Stitching the Triumph Briefcase, Part II

By Liz Silvia on Aug 8, 2016   •   Topic: Making the Best

Stitching the Triumph Briefcase

Stitching our Triumph Briefcase is an extremely lengthy process due to the fact that the final product is comprised of 61 pieces, each of which needs to be individually passed under the sewing machine at one time or another. As a consequence, we separate this stage of production into segments, beginning with the littlest pieces and ending with the largest. Last week brought with it the completion of the first segment of Triumph pieces as we gave our attention to the briefcase’s smaller features, and today we’re moving on to bigger things.


Stitching the Triumph Briefcase

That means all of the finished small pieces are being stitched into their proper places onto the larger ones. Even though the previous step is notably quite difficult as a result of the tiny size of the leather pieces being worked with, this one is also fairly difficult to do. It involves a significant degree of precision, as each pocket, handle, and tab has to be placed and stitched just so- each one exactly the same as the last. 


Stitching the Triumph Briefcase

An additional part of this second segment is stitching the zippers onto the briefcases’ exteriors. When that’s put together with everything else, what we’ve really done by this point is complete the inner and outer sections of the Triumph briefcases. No piece is on its own anymore, and what remains is to stitch everything together. But that’s for another time. 


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