Making the Best:   Welcome, Braided Tripp!

By Liz Silvia on Apr 15, 2019   •   Topic: Making the Best


We know you love the Tripp—it’s been a success ever since it first hit the metaphorical shelves and has steadily remained our best-selling women’s bag over the years! With three separate interior compartments, a zipper pocket, and built-in space for cards, it eliminates the need to carry a wallet while still offering enough space for small essentials. Sunglasses? Of course! A notebook? That, too. All those receipts you swear you’ll throw away one of these days? Definitely. 



In short, it’s the ideal little crossbody to take anywhere and everywhere. (Lindy, our creative director, likes to call her Tripp a “secret third carry-on” because despite how roomy it is, it’s still small enough to fit inside a larger tote or backpack.) And with this new braided version, it’s just gotten better. A few of our amazing artisans learned a new braiding technique that involves weaving these patterns in by hand, which results in a piece that’s just as functional as the original, but feels a little more special. Maybe you’re going to a gala and need a bag that’s as elegant as your Dries dress. Maybe you’re heading on a trip overseas and are seeking a piece befitting the cultural sites you’ll visit. Or you might just want to feel fancy while you run errands. No matter what the occasion, we’re pretty sure the braided Tripp will suit it. 


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