Gifts with Personality:   For the Intrepid Wayfarer

By Liz Silvia on Dec 14, 2017   •   Topic: Gifts with Personality

Lotuff Leather Sling Backpack in natural

Every type of bag out there has a defining characteristic: backpacks are easy to carry, tote bags are roomy, and handbags are beautiful. Good thing we have two designs that cover all those bases! The Sling and Mini Sling are the best picks for your friend who’s off to somewhere different every day and doesn’t want to switch bags for each separate occasion. Just ask Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge or Instagram fashion partnerships director Eva Chen: their own Slings have served them well (for years, in Jane’s case) across many travels and busy city days. Big or small, the one thing you’ll never hear about the Sling is that it isn’t versatile enough!


Lotuff Leather Mini Sling in black

The two straps on the Sling and Mini Sling can easily be pulled up or down to create a closed backpack or open tote which can then be carried over the shoulder or in-hand. The interior drop pocket and closure strap on each one help to keep items both big and small safe, and the double-layered leather base ensures their durability through any number of adventures. Between these features and the beautifully clean lines of the Sling and Mini Sling, they’re both wonderfully suited for anything life throws their way. 


Stitching the Lotuff Leather Mini Sling backpack in electric blue

Neither member of the Sling duo is quite as difficult to make as some of our other bags, but one unique challenge is presented in the first stage: cutting. These designs rely on their fluidity to make them what they are, so being extra certain each piece is cut to the perfect dimensions sets them up for success as they’re ground, polished, assembled, and stitched. Once all is said and done, these bags make their way out into the world and into the hands (or over the shoulder) of their lucky recipients! 


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