The Essentials:   Rudy Jude's Utility Jacket

By Vicky Vitello on Mar 12, 2019   •   Topic: The Essentials


We love celebrating beautiful things. Right now the party is all about our friend Rudy Jude’s Utility Jacket. Lindy has been living in the mallow color, while Greg has acquired—maybe even outright confiscated—Lindy’s black indigo piece. They are adorable twinsies hoofing around the studio this week, so chic in their go-with-everything jackets. Seriously—this jacket was made for mirror selfies.



Dyed with plant-based colors (just like our bags!) and constructed of organic fabrics, Rudy Jude is widely recognized among the most fashionable children’s brands and has a wildly popular following, so it’s best to get this versatile piece while you can! It even has a myriad of pockets, and we all know how important those are. Julie O’Rourke has done all of her grown-up fans a huge favor by making a larger version of her kid-size jacket. From the bottom of our spring-ready hearts, we thank you!  



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