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By Liz Silvia on Dec 5, 2017   •   Topic: Gifts with Personality

Lotuff Leather Triumph Briefcase in black

If there’s one word that perfectly describes our Triumph Briefcase, it’s “sleek”. So it follows that the kind of person who carries it tends to be one who appreciates clean lines, versatility, and refined artisanry. If this describes someone you know, you may have just found their perfect gift! For any professional who wants the briefcase they carry to be both adaptable and beautiful, there’s no better option than this.

The Triumph’s defining feature is a triple-gusset, accordion-style construction that permits it to neatly expand from two to eight inches in width. Whether it’s nearly empty or completely full, all its contents will fit neatly inside without distending the leather. And since its lining is made of the same vegetable-tanned leather as the rest of the bag, the Triumph is strong and balanced enough to always stand on its own. Gear Patrol calls it “innovative and different and really special because of how it’s made,” also noting that “the handles are satisfying to grip”—perfect for that morning commute across Manhattan. 


Lotuff Leather Triumph Briefcase in chestnut

The Triumph Briefcase takes nearly twice as long to create as most of our other designs, which is partly attributable to the fact that nearly a full leather hide is needed for just one bag. From cutting the leather to splitting it, assembling the pieces to stitching them all together, and finally finishing, not an ounce of precision is spared in making this the most gorgeous briefcase you’ll ever see.


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