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By Liz Silvia on Dec 7, 2017   •   Topic: Gifts with Personality

Lotuff Leather Day Tote in green

Taller and slimmer than but just as versatile as the Leather Day Satchel, our new Leather Day Tote will go wherever its carrier does—whether that’s to the office, the gym, or the airport. We all know that person who’s forever hopping from one place to another, seemingly without a break in between, and this bag might just be the perfect accompaniment they didn’t even know they needed. 

An upgraded version of the standard tote, this piece has enough room for… well, pretty much everything. The adjustable side straps let you tighten or loosen the Day Tote depending on what’s inside, and there’s an interior drop pocket with pen and phone holders to keep all the little things safe. Stuff it full of notebooks and business paraphernalia, fill it with all the essentials for an impromptu overnight trip—the doubly reinforced solid-brass rivets will make sure the Day Tote can withstand it all. 


Lotuff Leather Day Tote in green

The Day Tote is a sizable bag, so from the very start, its creation brings along some unique challenges: each of its large pieces must be cut so that the grain will match perfectly on all sides of the tote. From there, the Day Tote is stitched, turned and burned, painted and polished, and more before being packaged and sent off to be carried along on countless adventures.


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